Fresh Fruit Digital (FFD) is a refreshing digital agency
backed by 10 years of experience
in online strategy and entrepreneurship.

What we do

Fresh Fruit is a flexible online marketing agency. Our team of online specialists helps clients with the setup, management and expansion of their online marketing and sales activities. Optimizing your digital media budgets is our focus, Our team of experienced online specialists manages the entire online media mix: both on-site as well as across advertising channels like search, premium display, Real-time Bidding (RTB) and Facebook (FBx and direct). This approach enables us to establish optimal conversion. Next to generating the maximum return on investment on your ad spend we accelerate your creative designs (ie. landing pages, banner ads, campaign concepts) and web development (web shops, e-commerce platforms, A/B testing).


Your online strategy defines in which your company seeks to be unique. We will work together with you to benchmark and redefine this strategy. From the very first idea to proven online concepts which enable your online growth.

Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising (PPC) is at the core of our company. Search engines play a major role in online business. Our time-tested methodology gives you significant uplift on your search campaigns, proven by independent Google benchmarks.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is everywhere. We will help you to leverage the marketing power of display campaigns. Effective and smart campaigns, backed by innovative real-time bidding solutions, dynamic creatives and a strong focus on accountability.

Marketing Mix

Your marketing mix is more than just search engine and display advertising. Our case studies (upon request) will show you. From a pan-European roll-out of an affiliate program to the development of a commercially viable concept. Working together to improve results.


CZ is an insurance company that focuses on providing health insurance and healthcare. They belong amongst the top three largest health insurance companies in The Netherlands. is a subsidiary of CZ. CZ direct focuses on providing an affordable and reliable health insurance and healthcare for the Dutch youth.

D-reizen is a large and independent Dutch travel agent, boasting more than 270 locations around The Netherlands. D-Reizen has a large selection of varying types of holidays.

Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V. is a division of the Sanoma Group, a European Mediagroup which is active in multiple media sectors in twenty countries.

Sanoma's portal is Holland’s largest online magazine subscription service that entertains, informs, educates and inspires millions of people every day with all of Holland’s largest magazines.

Macintosh Retail Group is a large, listed non-food retailer specialized in consumer product distribution, with almost 900 stores in Fashion. Fresh Fruit works for the fashion brands as shown.

With over three million clients DELA is the Dutch market leader in the field of funeral insurances. This non-profit coöperation recently launched new financial products.

Aegon is a leading listed Dutch company in the field of insurance, pensions, savings and investments.

The Dutch Hartstichting foundation raises awareness for cardiovasuclar diseases and campaigns for earlier detection, better treatment and ultimately a cure for heart disease.

Polis Direct is a subsidiary of Bovemij and they are a specialist in the field of mediation in private insurance since 1995. They are the fifth largest insurance company in The Netherlands.

Bovemij is part of BOVAG. Bovemij owns brands such as Polis Direct and has a strong focus on insurances for the mobility industry, providing almost any type of insurance for both businesses and individuals.

Pro, Intreza and Scapino, totaling almost 650 retail locations, are the most personal online and offline department stores for shoe fashion with a wide range of top shoe brands at competitive prices.

E.ON NL is part of the world's largest investor-owned electric utility service provider. E.ON is becoming a big player in the field of electricity and gas in the Benelux-market with a strong focus on clean energy.

Ecco is an international shoe brand and global leader in innovative comfort footwear that controls the complete shoe process, from sketching, to final production and shipment.

Bonprix is a subsidiary of the OTTO Group and reaches over 25 countries and generates more than 1bn turnover. This makes them one of the largest fashion retailers with a focussing on catalogs and e-commerce.

Beter Horen provides high-quality hearing care products and aural services at a competitive price. Beter Horen is part of the Amplifon Group, one of Italy's world leader in the field of hearing loss.

The most complete comparison site of The Netherlands has been around since 1999. Kieskeurig is part of Sanoma Media Netherlands.

Manfield, Invito and Dolcis are shoe fashion retail brands of Macintosh Retail Group. Both online and in the 215 retail stores it's all about style & quality in the field of shoe fashion.

De Lage Landen is a global provider of financing solutions, including vendor finance and factoring, active online with the brand LeaseLoket. De Lage Landen is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Rabobank Group.

Former Projects

Sizz is a collaboration of RTL Ventures and Vodafone. RTL Ventures invests in growth-oriënted B2C companies like Sizz; the Dutch telecom brand that makes mobile communication more fun.

Vroom & Dreesmann is a Dutch chain of department stores, owned by investment company Sun European.

Directa, part of the French LaSer Group, providing consumer credit in 8 European countries.

Q-Music is a Dutch commercial radio station that has been broadcasting since 2005, owned by the Flemish media company De Persgroep.

DAS has been a pioneer of legal advice since 1963. They provide legal and financial advice and are one of the largest financial legal services in the Netherlands.

Essent is an energy company that provides gas, electricity, heat and various other energy services to consumers and businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Meet The Team

Gonny de Boer Online Marketer Find Gonny on LinkedInContact Gonny
Meriam Bozuwa Team Lead
Accounts & Strategy
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Judith Broeks Greenhouse Group Staff:
Management Assistant
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Lisa van den Burg Administrative
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Ezgi Çakır Designer Find Ezgi on LinkedInContact Ezgi
Eline Coret-Loven Greenhouse Group Staff:
HR & Recruitment Specialist
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Gijs Daemen Online Marketer Find Gijs on LinkedInContact Gijs
Don Deckers Junior
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Lesley Dings Online Marketer Find Lesley on LinkedInContact Lesley
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Sylvia Dumoulin Greenhouse Group Staff:
Financial Accounting
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Maik Eevers Team Lead
Campaign Management
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Anne van den Elsen Online Marketer Find Anne on LinkedInContact Anne
David Halford UX Specialist &
Front-End Developer
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Dirk Heijnekamp Online Marketer Find Dirk on LinkedInContact Dirk
Debbie Hertogs Greenhouse Group Staff:
Management Assistant
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Kim Janssen Online Marketer Find Kim on LinkedInContact Kim
Dave Kierkels Online Marketer Find Dave on LinkedInContact Dave
Rosalien Kokee Online Marketer Find Rosalien on LinkedInContact Rosalien
Giel Looijmans Team Lead
Design & Development
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Carly Maas Greenhouse Group Staff:
HR & Recruitment Specialist
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Marc Onrust Greenhouse Group Staff:
Head of Staff
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Luke van der Palen Web Application
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Maureen Pors Administrative
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Pieter Smits Greenhouse Group Staff:
Financial Accounting
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Hanne Varnild Greenhouse Group Staff:
Administration & Facilities
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Rick Verbeek Online Marketer Find Rick on LinkedInContact Rick
Erik van de Ven Developer Find Erik on LinkedInContact Erik
Birgit Walet Online Marketer Find Birgit on LinkedInContact Birgit
Hein van der Wielen Managing Director Find Hein on LinkedInContact Hein
Mark Wouters Team Lead
Tactics & Analyses
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